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Our Verification Software is a one of a kind automated maintenance tool which is ideally suited to meet the requirements of FSSC Verification requirement. The author of the Software, Global Consultant and Trainer Owen Glave has mimicked the Verification Cycle to facilitate;
1. Verification Planning
2. Evaluation of the Verification Activities.
3. Analysis of the results of the evaluation
4. Comprehensive Analytics of these activities for report to management review.

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We are building a SMART Supply Chain
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Our integrated risk management software includes a comprehensive sets of solutions that will accelerate your Annex SL Certification.

Process & Risk Management

Verification Management

Process Audit Management

Gap and Implementation Management

Virtual Academy

Contract Management

Our SMART TOOLS usher in the wave of the future with implementation and maintenance of management system standards in a paperless web-based, un-biased platform. This platform, thus creates a lifelong, economic and environmentally green product which instantly repays for itself.

Verification Planning made easy

Verification Planning . Backend Analytics and Evaluation. Report Generation for Management Review .